Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Candy land

I wake up and see people in the town walking around in the 
shops, running late for their job. 

Cupcakes and lollies float around up
high.  Is there an alien invasion or something?

Sugar hills, piled high, try not to
collapse like a pile of boxes.

The ground crunches beneath my feet as if
I was walking on tiny stones.

I am the queen of this town with the people as 
my servants. 

On the walls in my kingdom it is rough
like sand paper.

Why are there things floating in the sky?
Why is it so bright and colourful?
Why is it made out of sugar?


We are learning to use ekphrastic poetry (writing a poem about a piece of art).
I think that I went well because I could use metaphors and similes but I needed to have a wee bit of help to get started. My next step is to write many sentences using metaphor and simile.

Artwork: Pip and pop by Tanya Schulz 

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